Aims and Objectives

The important and prevailing aim of the Seminar will be to further raise the profile of engineering and technology education and provide an international forum for the exchange of information on research and development achievements in technology and engineering education.

The Seminar will endeavour to air, address and discuss fundamental issues, problems, opportunities and challenges that contemporary academia faces in an effort to prepare future technologists and engineers capable of taking on the increasingly advanced, complex and sophisticated technology, and production processes.

A number of significant objectives are being pursued by the MCE&TE in order to cultivate the knowledge and skills essential for high quality maritime and environmental engineering and technology education. These objectives include:

  • Enhance and facilitate professional development throughout the entire WIETE global network of engineering and technology education.
  • Exchange scholars as appropriate to take forward academic and research related activities in technological and engineering education.
  • Work together to take forward seminars, workshops, conferences and other academic meetings as appropriate, and to support the production of publications, books and software in technological engineering education.
  • Provide a focus for academic and research activities related to the work on technological engineering education.
  • Reflect the mission, aims and objectives of the WIETE.
  • Collect and transfer information on advances in engineering and technology education, and develop modern techniques for the dissemination of this knowledge.

It is envisaged that the Seminar will focus on these objectives through paper presentations and discussions.

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