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Z.J. Pudlowski 5
M. Poženel

Assessing teamwork in a software engineering capstone course

H. Zhai Ideas by a local college for building the course major, Materials Formation and Control Engineering 13
Q. Zhan, J. Liang, &
Q. Gu

Activity theory as a framework of information architecture for an e-learning system in vocational education

R.B. Ward Leadership and leopards 25
D. Varona, L.F. Capretz & A. Raza A multicultural comparison of software engineers 31
J. Njock Libii

Comparing the calculated coefficients of performance of a class of wind turbines that produce power between 330 kW and 7,500 kW

W-C. Wang & J. Li The design of an open laboratory information management system based upon a browser/server (B/S) architecture 41
J. Kasih, M. Ayub &
S. Susanto
Predicting students’ final passing results using the Classification and Regression Trees (CART) algorithm 46
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